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Two sisters and a dad – it takes a whole family to team together to find hope and pass it on. Myquillyn (the Nester), Emily, and Gary. 

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In the middle of your noisy, rushing life, you need an encouraging place to get a hopeful perspective on your home, your family, and your soul, right now, no matter how things appear. A place that helps you take steps towards a home you love, better family relationships, and rest in your soul. This is that place. 

Ready for a deep breath of hope, no matter how things appear?

Together, let’s intentionally turn towards hope, in the areas where we’re most often discouraged – home, soul, and family.


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Find delight right now in your home, your family, your soul, no matter how things look and feel. And see hope for how things can be.

* In your home: Stop waiting for better circumstances and find creative inspiration to make your current house a home

* In your family: Woo more, scold less, and root for each other. Find hope to accept and love each other despite your differences

* In your soul: Discover how your soul can breathe even in the midst of your crazy life

Why Hope*ologie is for you:

Because like us, you’re realizing life won’t slow down and problems won’t go away, and you need a way to find hope anyway.

Because you’re losing hope that your home can ever be what you want it to be.

Because striving to earn approval and make everyone happy leaves your soul feeling empty and alone.

Because you want to see less rejection and misunderstanding in your family, and more caring and believing in each other.

Because people we love need us, and without hope we got nothin’ for them. 

Because as soon as one wave passes and you catch your breath, here comes another one.

Because fighting off discouragement can be like a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

Because hope, like a sunny day, lifts our eyes and gives energy and makes us smile for no reason, and boy do we need that.

Because hope is contagious and spreads in a group of close people wanting the same thing and urging each other on.


Hope*ologie is here to help you find hope, cling to it, fill your holes, and breathe life back into dry bones. It’s a membership site where each Hope*ologist (you!) has access to a quiet collection of exclusive content.


What people are saying:

what people are saying

“Thank you for Hope*ologie. It really is a gift to the internet” – Ann Voskamp


the end is the beginning


Join Hope*ologie for 12.99 per month: 

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the locust tree 

So what do you get?

As a Hope*ologist, every month you get encouragement, inspiration, ideas, and hope to gain a home you love, better family relationships, and rest in your soul. Most of the content is downloadable/printable, including some combination of the following:

edited what you get

Here’s a peek at snapshots from some of the videos we’ve created exclusively for Hope*ologie in past months, videos you can watch as soon as you sign up:

Hopeologie Videos


FRIENDS AND FAMILY BONUS: As a member, you’ll also be the first to know about any Hope*ologie events, courses, gatherings, products, inventions, crusades, festivals, revivals, revolutions, and other things we haven’t thought of yet. And of course you’ll receive the Hope*ologist discount for these as well.

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Who is this Hope*ologie family?

We’re like you — imperfectionists; would-be artists of living; and dysfunctional but transformed journeyers. We’re a family, two daughters and a dad, and all our kin. Each of us has had to dig deep (and we’re still digging) to find hope, and we’re trying to live out what we found.

That’s us in the pic below around 1979: dad Gary with a few Miller High Life’s in him, hoping there’s more in the fridge; Myquillyn smiling about the furniture waiting to be moved around in the doll house in her bedroom; Emily contemplating, thinking, and wondering what this is really all about, even at age 2; and mom Brenda, off to the side as usual, making things better while trying to be invisible.


Gary Morland (Dad) is a professional communicator with over 30 years of experience as an on-air personality on Country and Christian music radio stations. As a 25 year sober alcoholic, he describes himself as “a guy who should have died but didn’t with a wife who should have left but stayed.” If anyone knows the importance of grace and forgiveness in family, it’s him.

Myquillyn Smith (oldest daughter/sister) has been in a love affair with houses since she started making them for her Barbies. Her blog, Nesting Place has been an online home for the imperfectionist, as she reminds us that our homes don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. Her first book, The Nesting Place, recently released.

Emily Freeman (youngest daughter/sister) creates space for souls to breathe on her blog, Chatting at the Sky. With an emotional allergy to small talk, Emily is ever curious over what is stirring beneath the surface, placing high value on our inner life. She has written three books, including her most recent release, A Million Little Ways.

Let's carry on together.

All the *ologies


Hope*ologie focuses on three everyday areas where we’re most often discouraged: our homes, families, and souls.


Fam*ologie: Gary encourages you in your desire for better family relationships. Hope*ologists are committed to learning to love each other and live together, even with our differences and imperfections. You’ll see how to be the kind of person who sees the best in your family, and who sees each person’s best potential.

Home*olgie: For years on her blog, Myquillyn has been encouraging readers in house and home. With home*ologie, she will give Hope*ologists the creative permission you didn’t know you needed to love the home you’re in right now. 

Quiet*ologie: Emily moves fellow Hope*ologists towards personal renewal by introducing simple practices to honor the sacredness of your inner life. She offers inspiration and motivation to cultivate and prioritize space for your own soul to breathe.

As a member, you’ll see something like this when you log in:

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Join Hope*ologie for 12.99 per month:

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Annie Barnett Print - May

 How does it work?

When you join today, you’ll have immediate access to everything on Hope*ologie. Basically, it works like this: 

How It Works

Each month will feature a new collection with all the *ologies centering around a specific core theme. Some past months’ themes have been “Change,” “Fear,” “Plenty,” and “Simplicity.”

Don’t get through all the content from one month? No problem — read, watch, listen at your own leisure. You’ll never ‘get behind’ because everything stands alone. Experience what you want, when you want, in any order you want. And you can come back again and again to that special thing that encouraged you.


Our Guarantee

Not happy with your first month on Hope*ologie? Cancel before the end of your first month and get a refund, no questions asked.  After that, of course, you can still cancel anytime.

And your email is triple super-secret locked and the key deposited at the bottom of a dirty diaper pail. Ain’t nobody going there. We hate spam too.

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Questions you’ll think of sooner or later

1. Can’t I get most of this on your blogs for free?

Nope. While each of us will be contributing to Hope*ologie with the same style and voice you’re familiar with on our blogs, Hope*ologie is a brand new focus for us as a family. It is our way of extending an additional invitation to you to journey with us as we go deeper in the ways we create, are renewed, and relate with those in our family. 

You won’t find this content anywhere else, content that stretches far beyond the blog posts into audio, video, downloads, and printables.

We’ll continue to write on our own blogs, and everything you enjoyed for free there will continue to be free. 


2. What happens to the old content at the end of the month?

The content from previous months will stay right where it is and you will have access to it for as long as you are a member. The only content that will expire at the end of each month is that month’s episode of the Sister*ologie Podcast and the art print from Annie Barnett.

We’ve struggled with how to think about what’s best and most fair and for many months we had all content expire after 30 days. But this seemed to cause undo stress for our members and we can’t have that. We want to serve you well and make life easier. For now, this seems best, but it could change. 



A few words about our faith:

We recognize Jesus as our ultimate hope and share our faith in varying degrees of candidness on our own personal blogs. We want to respect the collective audience here at Hope*ologie, recognizing this could be a broader space.

Some of you may discover Hope*ologie is too spiritual for you, while others of you may not feel like it’s spiritual enough. That’s okay. That’s why we offer you the opportunity to cancel before the end of your first month if you join and your experience isn’t what you hoped for — full refund, no questions asked. 

hope october



What are we most excited about? So glad you asked!

  • The Sister*ologie Podcastavailable only for Hope*ologie members – where Emily and The Nester display all of their ridiculous-ness for light-hearted hope on the go. Laughter and silliness abound. (And maybe even an encouraging word or two.) 

  • A new hand-lettered printable every month from artist Annie Barnett! Annie is one of our favorite artists and we are thrilled to partner with her to offer Hope*ologists a beautiful quote to print each month.

  • Introducing you to the spouses behind the writing – Brenda, Chad, and John. We can’t wait to share them with the Hope*ologie community – look for them in podcasts, interviews, or videos over the next few months.

  • The opportunity to journey with a group of like-minded hopers like you. What a privilege. 

  • Finally, we are thrilled and thankful to do something collectively as a family even though we’re not sure how it will turn outLike we learned from Seth Godin, Anything worth doing is worth doing even though it might not work.

So here’s to trying something new, starting again, and embracing hope no matter how things appear. We hope you’ll come with us.


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